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DelVal PC Data Recovery Service

Loss of important data can be one of the worst things that can happen to a computer or laptop owner. Hard drive problems can happen at any time without rhyme nor reason.


Data loss can happen from way too many different ways. It can also happen for no reason at all. It is not important how it happened. What is important is that all hope is not lost. If you can't get to your data, the first thing you really need to do is to stop messing with it. The more you try to get to it, the worse things can turn out.


Data recovery can be done at a software level if handled the correct way. A software level recovery can be a huge difference in cost than a hardware level recovery. The difference could be hundreds and believe it or not, possibly even thousands of dollars.


Data recovery is done at our Main office in Boothwyn Pa. Please call to make arrangements to drop the hardware off or to have use pick it up for you. If you plan on shipping the item, please give us a call to make arrangements of where the item will be shipped.


There is a data recovery diagnostics fee of  $45.00. The fee is used to cover labor time for the diagnostics. The fee will also go towards the total recovery costs. Data recovery service is the only service that we do not offer free diagnostics for.